Hard GK Question । GK Question with Answer in English । Hard GK Quiz

Hard GK Question । GK Question with Answer in English । Hard GK Quiz

Hard GK Question: Hello friends In today’s post, we are going to share with you important questions related to ‘GK Hard Questions in English’. Besides, PDF file of this question has also been given, which you can download.

If you are preparing for government jobs, then these questions of General Knowledge Hard GK Questions in English can prove to be very useful for you. In this post we have given question answers on the basis of Hard GK Questions with Answers in English. Some of these questions have been seen in previous examinations and may be asked in future also, hence you must read the questions given below.

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Hard GK Questions Answers in English for all Competitive Exam

Important questions and answers related to Geography based on Lucent

1) What is the maximum duration of total solar eclipse in solar eclipse?
Answer – 7 minutes, 40 seconds

2) Which peak of the Himalayas is named Sagarmatha?
Answer – Everest

3) By what name is Ganga known in Bangladesh?
Answer – In the name of Padma

4) Under which major river system does Teesta River come?
Answer – Brahmaputra River

5) Which river is known as Budhi Ganga?
Answer – Godavari River

6) Over which one ocean would one have to fly to cover the shortest distance from San Francisco to Bledi Vostok?
Answer – over the Pacific Ocean

7) In which country is the Lhotse mountain range?
Answer – Nepal

8) Which valley is situated between Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountain ranges?

Answer – Kullu Valley

9) In which country is Virginia tobacco mainly grown?
Answer – In the United States of America

10) Where is the ‘Great Dividing Range’ located?
Answer – Australia

Important Geography Question

1). How did the continents separate?
Ans:- By tectonic action

2). What is the result of folding action?
Ans:- Mountain-building force

3). Where is ‘Ninety East Ridge’ located?
Ans:- Indian Ocean

4). What are minerals?
Ans :- Inorganic solid

5). What is Bailadila famous for?
Ans:- Iron-ore

6). Which crop has the longest gap between sowing and harvesting?
Ans:- Sugarcane

7). From which river does water come into Triveni Canal?
Ans:- Gandak

8). What is the upper part of the Sun called?
Ans:- Chromosphere

9). What is the place called underground where seismic waves originate?
Ans:- Earthquake center

10. Which planet travels towards the west?
Ans :- Arun

11). The sea which is different from the other three in terms of salinity is?
Ans:- Dead Sea

12). What is the reason for high salinity in the Dead Sea?
Ans:- Still water

13). Where are alluvial fans formed?
Ans:- On the bottom area of ​​the hill

14). Black soil is most useful for the cultivation of which crop?
Ans :- Cotton

15). Which type of soil is found on two-thirds of Tamil Nadu?
Ans:- Red soil

16). What is Singhbhum famous for?
Ans :- Copper

17). In which state of the country are Jharia coal mines located?
Ans :- Jharkhand

18). Which mountain is known as continental watershed?
Ans :- Rockies

19). India receives maximum rainfall mainly from?
Ans:- From south-west monsoon

20). In which language is the word monsoon?
Ans :- Arabic

21). Where is Tapovan and Vishnugadh Hydroelectric Project located?
Ans:- Uttarakhand

22). Kakrapar project is related to which river?
Ans :- Tapti

23). Hidkal project is situated on which river?
Ans :- Ghataprabha

24). What is the old alluvial soil of the Ganga plains called?
Ans :- Bangar

Questions asked in previous exams related to Parliament

1) – By what other name is the parliamentary system of government known?
Answer: Responsible government
(Exam – SSC CGL Jul, 1999)

2) To review whom did the British Parliament send the Simon Commission?
Answer: Activities of dual governance
(Exam – SSC CML May, 2000)

3) -Whose contribution is the parliamentary procedure ‘Zero Hour’?
Answer: India
(Exam – SSC SOC Dec, 2000)

4) Who is called the mother of Parliament?
Answer: To the British Parliament
(Exam – SSC CML May, 2001)

5) – Why is the joint meeting of the Federal Parliament called?
Answer- To resolve the deadlock in both the houses on a non-financial bill (Exam – SSC SOC Aug, 2001)

6) – Which non-Member of Parliament has the right to address the Parliament?
Answer- Attorney General of India
(Exam – SSC SOA Sep, 2001)

7) – Who presides over the joint sitting of the Parliament in India?
Answer – Speaker, Lok Sabha
(Exam – SSC CML May, 2002)

8) – Who nominates the persons for various parliamentary delegations sent to foreign countries?
Answer- Lok Sabha Speaker
(Exam – SSC CML May, 2002)

9) – Who was the first Indian person who was elected to the British Parliament?
Answer – Dadabhai Naoroji
(Exam – SSC CPO Sep, 2003)

10) – Who is competent to dissolve the Parliament?
Answer – President
(Exam – SSC SOA Jun, 2005)

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