Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8 in English PDF

Top 100 GK Questions for Class 8 in English PDF

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GK Questions for Class 8 in English

Top 70 GK Questions with Answers in English

Top one liners of complete geography 20 very important questions and answers based on Lucent

1) Who is mainly responsible for the reduction of female population in India?
Answer – Social reasons

2). According to the population data announced in July 2011, how much has the child sex ratio decreased in rural areas compared to urban areas?
Answer – four times

3). Which state has the highest female literacy rate?
Answer – Kerala

4). Which state does Kuki belong to?
Answer – Manipur

5). Which is the largest tribal community of India?
Answer – Gond

6) What is Van Mahotsav related to?
Answer – Tree plantation

7). What has increased the incidence of floods in North India?
Answer – Increase in deforestation in the drainage area

8). Who has been declared a marine park by the government to preserve the coral reefs?
Answer – Gulf of Kutch

9). The name of which hill station means ‘place of thunderbolt’?
Answer – Darjeeling

10). Whose main tribal group is Aptani?
Answer – Arunachal Pradesh

11). Which are the largest union territories of India?
Answer – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

12). How many states of India share border with Nepal?
Answer – Five (5)

13). Which city is also called Zero Mile Center of India?
Answer – Nagpur (Maharashtra)

14). Which state of India has the longest coastline?
Answer – Gujarat

15). Where is Lakshadweep Islands?
Answer – Arabian Sea

16) Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands are separated?
Answer – By ten degree channel

17). West Bengal shares its border with how many countries?
Answer – Three (3)

18). What is the coast of Kerala called?
Answer – Malabar Coast

19). In which state is India’s largest tunnel, Jawahar Tunnel?
Answer – Jammu Kashmir

20). Which Indian state has the smallest border?
Answer – Goa


1) What is the scientific name of mango?
Answer -(Mangifera indica)

2) What is the scientific name of orange?
Answer – (Citrus sinensis)

3) What is the scientific name of papaya?
Answer -(Carica Papaya)

4) What is the scientific name of coconut?
Answer – (Cocoa nucifera)

5) What is the scientific name of banana?
Answer – (Musa Paradisiaca)

6) What is the scientific name of pineapple?
Answer – (Comojus Pineapple)

7) What is the scientific name of apple?
Answer – (Melus pumila/domestica)

8) What is the scientific name of grapes?
Answer -( Vitis )

9) What is the scientific name of pear?
Answer -(Pyrus communis)

10) What is the scientific name of sugarcane?
Answer -( Saccharum officinarum )

11) What is the scientific name of litchi?
Answer -(Litchi chinensis)

12) What is the scientific name of beetroot?
Answer – (Beta Vulgaris)

13) What is the scientific name of cucumber?
Answer – (Cucumis sativus)

14) What is the scientific name of tamarind?
Answer -(Tamarindus indica)

15) What is the scientific name of Jamun?
Answer -(Shyzium cumini)

16) What is the scientific name of plum?
Answer -(Ziziphus mauritiana)

Important General Awareness Question

1) Which gas is used in refrigerator?
Answer – Freon

2) What are heater wires made of?
Answer – Nichrome

3) Who was the producer of the first Indian film ‘Raja Harishchandra’?
Answer – Dadasaheb Phalke

4) In which district of Assam is the world’s largest river island ‘Majuli’ located?
Answer – Paatal Puri

5) Which state of India is called the ‘holy land of temples’?
Answer – Tamil Nadu

6) Which is called ‘Manchester of India’?
Answer – Ahmedabad

7) From whose Constitution is the Concurrent List in the Indian Constitution taken?
Answer – Australia

8) Which Indian player is known as Golden Girl and Flying Fairy?
Answer – P.T.Usha

9) Who suggested that the Indian National Congress be abolished after independence?
Answer – Mahatma Gandhi

Science Special Dose 

1, Unit of electric current?
Answer – Ampere

2). Unit of angle?
Answer – Radian

3). Unit of solid angle?
Answer – Stay Radian

4). Unit of pressure?
Answer – Pascal

5). Unit of temperature?
Answer- Kelvin

6). Unit of work and energy?
Answer – Joule

7). Unit of power?
Answer – Watt

8). Unit of resistance?
Answer- Om

9). Unit of actuator?

10). Unit of force?
Answer – Newton

11). Unit of charge?
Answer – Coulomb

12). Unit of frequency?
Answer – Hertz

13). Unit of wavelength?

14). Unit of potential difference?
Answer – Volt

15). Unit of light intensity?
Answer – Candela

16). Unit of luminous flux?
Answer – Lumen

17). Unit of magnetic flux?
Answer – Weber

18). Unit of length?
Answer – meter

19). Unit of time?
Answer – Second

20). Unit of mass?
Answer: Kilogram

21). What is the unit of speed?
Answer – meter per second

22).Unit of power of lens?
Answer – Diopter

Important questions of general science

1) What is the unit of photosynthesis in green plants called?
Answer- Quantosome.

2) Newton/kg is the unit of which physical quantity?
Answer – Acceleration.

3) The disease called ‘Goiter’ is caused by the deficiency of what in the body?
Answer – Due to iodine deficiency.

4) What is studied in Virology?
Answer- Of viruses.

5) What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?
Answer – Ascorbic Acid.

6) What is the diastolic blood pressure of a normal person?
Answer – 80 mm of mercury.

7) Which color has the maximum deviation in the spectrum formed by a prism of white light?
Answer: Purple

8) What is calomel?
Answer – Mercurous chloride (Hg2CI2).

9) What is the chemical name of vermillion?
Answer – Mercuric Sulphide (Hgs).

10) What is called ‘Fool’s Gold’?
Answer – Iron sulphide or iron pyrites found in nature.

11) Which enzyme is found in pancreatic juice?
Answer-Trypsin enzyme.

12) What is the catalyst in breaking down proteins into amino acids in the intestines?
Answer-Pepsin enzyme.

13) What is ‘Astro-D’?
Answer – Japanese X-ray studyer studying the evolution of the universe

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