GK Question with Answer in English । GK Question English men with Answer

GK Question with Answer in English । GK Question English men with Answer

Hello friends! In today’s post we will share with you ‘GK Question with Answer in English‘. We are going to share important questions related to ‘GK Question English men with Answer’. Also PDF file of this question is also available.

If you are preparing for government jobs, then These questions of General Knowledge GK Question Answer in English can prove to be very useful for you. In this post we have given Top 70 GK Questions with Answers in English. Current Affairs | Questions and answers are given on the basis of GK in English. Some of these questions have been seen in previous examinations and may be asked in future also. Therefore you must read the question given below.

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Top 70 GK Questions with Answers in English | GK in English

इसे भी पढ़ें: 

Geography One Liner GK Quiz Question in English

1) What is India’s position in the world in terms of area.
Answer – seventh

2) What is India’s position in the world in terms of population.
Answer – second

3) Which countries are to the north of India.
Answer – China, Nepal, Bhutan

4) Which country is to the east of India.
Answer – Bangladesh

5) Which country is to the west of India.
Answer – Pakistan

6) Which sea is in the south-west of India.
Answer – Arabian Sea

7) Which bay is in the south-east of India.
Answer – Bay of Bengal

8) Which ocean is to the south of India.
Answer – Indian Ocean

9) The hills of Purvanchal separate India from which country.
Answer – Myanmar

10) Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait separate India from which country.
Answer – Sri Lanka

11) What is the latitudinal extent of entire India.
Answer – 8° 4′ to 37° 6′ north latitude

12) Which line passes through the middle of India.
Answer – Tropic of Cancer

13) What is the extent of India from north to south.
Answer – 3214 km

14) What is the extent of India from east to west.
Answer – 2933 km

15) Where are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands located.
Answer – in the Bay of Bengal

16) Where is Lakshadweep located.
Answer – in the Arabian Sea

17) What is the southern tip of India called.
Answer – Indira Point

18) By what other name is Indira Point also known.
Answer – Pygmalion Point

19) What is the area of ​​India in the world?
Answer – 2.42%

20) What percentage of the world’s total population resides in India?
Answer – 17%

21) What is the total area of ​​India?
Answer – 32,87,263 square kilometers

22) Which countries are adjacent to India’s land border?
Answer – Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan

23) With which countries does India’s water border meet?
Answer – Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan

24) Through which states does the Tropic of Cancer pass?
Answer – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram

25) At what latitude is the southern border of the mainland of India?
Answer – 8°4′

26) Where is the standard time of India taken from?
Answer – from a place called Naini near Allahabad

27) What is the difference between India’s standard time and Greenwich time?
Answer – 5 1/2

28) What is the distance from the equator to the southern end of India?
Answer – 876 km

29) What is the length of India’s land border?
Answer – 15200 km

30) What is the length of the coastline of mainland India?
Answer – 6100 km

Top 70 GK Question English men with Answer

Biology GK Questions with Answer in English

1) Accumulation of which acid in muscles causes fatigue?
Ans:- Lactic acid

2) Which acid is found in grapes?
Ans :- Tartaric acid

3) The study of cancer related diseases is called
Ans: – Organology

4) Which is the longest cell in the human body?
Ans:- Nerve cell

5) What material are teeth mainly made of?
Ans: – Of dentine

6) Which animal’s shape is like a slipper?
Ans:- Paramecium

7) How many eyes does an earthworm have?
Ans:- Not even one

8) Carrot is a rich source of which vitamin?
Ans:- Vitamin A

9) Protein is not found in which of the following substances?
Ans:- Rice

10) Approximately how many grams does the human brain weigh?
Answer :- 1350

11) metal found in blood
Ans:- Iron

12) example of fermentation
Ans: – Souring of milk, making of bread to eat, souring of wet flour

13) Which of the following diets provides nutrients for the growth of new tissues in the human body?
Ans :- Paneer

14) Which of the following is a flying lizard?

15) Which is the only snake that makes a nest?
Ans:- King Cobra

16) Which is the largest fish found in India?
Ans:- Whale Shark

17) Pulses are a good source of?
Ans:- Protein

18) Why does desi ghee smell fragrant?
Ans: – Due to diacetyl

19) Which color scatters more in a rainbow?
Ans:- Red color

20) Who invented television?
Ans:- J. l. Baird

21) Why does a diamond appear shiny?
Ans: – Due to collective internal reflection

22) What is mainly found in ‘Gobar Gas’?
Ans:- Methane

23) With which instrument is the purity of milk measured?
Ans :- Lactometer

24) Which is the most abundant metallic element found on Earth?
Ans :- Aluminum

25) What material is pearl mainly made of?
Ans:-Calcium carbonate

26) Which element is found in largest quantity in the human body?
Ans :- Oxygen

27) Which type of tissues act as protective shield of the body?
Ans :- Epithelial tissue

28) Which animal did man first make his pet?
Ans:- Dog

29) Which scientist first melted two pieces of ice by rubbing them together?
Ans :- Davy

30) Which produces the highest intensity sound?
Ans :- Tiger

31) When sound waves travel, they carry with them
Ans :- -Energy

32) Which part of the Sun is visible during a solar eclipse?
Ans :- Crown

33) How many colors are there in the sun’s rays?
Answer :- 7

34) Who is the inventor of typewriter?
Ans :- Shoals

35) What is vinegar called in Latin?
Ans:- Acetam

36) Used to remove rust stains from clothes
Ans :- -Oxalic acid

37) What causes ‘red rot disease’ in sugarcane?
Ans: – By fungi

38) What is the botanical name of mango?
Ans:- Mangifera indica

39) Chicory powder’ mixed with coffee powder is obtained
Ans: – -From the roots

40) What is the best source of Vitamin C?
Ans :- Amla

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