100 GK Question: General Knowledge Question for Class 3

100 GK Question: General Knowledge Question for Class 3

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General Knowledge Question for Class 3

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Question 1: Which is the highest hill in India?
Answer: Kanchenjunga

Question 2: How many American travelers went to the Moon?
Answer: 12

Question 3: Which is the largest ocean in the world?
Answer: Pacific Ocean

Question 4: How many bones are there in our body?
Answer: 206

Question 5: How many planets are there in the solar system?
Answer: 8

Question 6: Which is the national flower of India?
Answer: Lotus

Question 7: How is cow’s milk: impure or pure?
Answer: Pure

Question 8: What is the name of the Indian national anthem?
Answer: Jana Gana Mana

Question 9: What is the color of mango?
Answer: Yellow

Question 10: Which instruments measure earthquakes?
Answer: Seismograph

Question 11: Where does the Brahmaputra river flow?

Question 12: Which is the highest mountain in the world?
Answer: Everest

Question 13: What is the official language of India?
Answer: Hindi

Question 14: In which year was the time of Akbar?
Answer: 16th century

Question 15: How many colors are there in the flag of our country?
Answer: 3

Question 16: What is a device for rescue during disaster?
Answer: Fast And Kit

Question 17: How many constellations are there on the moon?
Answer: 27

Question 18: Who was the first woman Prime Minister of modern India?
Answer: Indira Gandhi

Question 19: Which is the largest country in the world?
Answer: Russia

Question 20: Where is the source of river Ganga?
Answer: Gaumukh, Gautam Roop

Question 21: What is a scientist who does excavation work called?
Answer: Astronomer

Question 22: Foundation day of which organization is celebrated to provide information about disaster?
Answer: Disaster Management Organization

Question 23: Which is the largest continent in the world?
Answer: Asia

Question 24: On the banks of which river was the Indus Valley Civilization established?
Answer: Indus River

Question 25: By which elements is the sun’s energy produced?
Answer: Hydrogen and Helium

Question 26: Which is the largest port in India?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Port

Question 27: When is Van Mahotsav celebrated?
Answer: 1st July

Question 28: Coin is made from which metal?
Answer: Silver

Question 29: How are earthquakes named?
Answer: Richter Scale

Question 30: Which is the smallest ocean in the world?
Answer: Indian Ocean

Question 31: What is the founding anthem of an Indian political party?
Answer: Always live like Raghukul.

Question 32: Which is the most favorite color of ice cream?
Answer: Chocolate Brown

Question 33: Gigabyte is in how many megabytes?
Answer: 1024

Question 34: What is the Indian national game?
Answer: Hockey

Question 35: Which is the highest sowing village in the world?
Answer: Manigam

Question 36: What was the name of Bollywood’s first film?
Answer: Raja Harishchandra

Question 37: Dadasaheb Phalke Award is given for which field?
Answer: Cinema

Question 38: Where is the smallest river bridge in the world located?
Answer: Pot River Bridge, Arunachal Pradesh

Question 39: When was the first Indian census conducted?
Answer: 1951

Question 40: Which is the highest waterfall in the world?
Answer: Anjana Falls, Venezuela

Question 41: What is the color of sandalwood?
Answer: white

Question 42: What is the other name of Semolina?
Answer: Rava

Question 43: Who is the head of “Aam Aadmi Party” in Indian politics?
Answer: Arvind Kejriwal

Question 44: Who was India’s first woman astronaut?
Answer: Kalpana Chawla

Question 45: Which is the largest statue in the world?
Answer: Statue of Unity,Sarajevo

Question 46: Where is Humayun’s tomb located?
Answer: Delhi

Question 47: In which direction does the Sun come from the east?
Answer: East

Question 48: Which is the highest part in the atmosphere?
Answer: Margins of thermosphere

Question 49: Which is the largest ocean in the world?
Answer: Pacific Ocean

Question 50: What is the capital of India?
Answer: New Delhi

Question 51: What is the cause of Sun?
Answer: Providing energy

Question 52: What does Vande Mataram mean?
Answer: I bow to you, mother

Question 53: What is the national bird of India?
Answer: Peacock

Question 54: What is a baby cow called?
Answer: Calf

Question 55: What is the meaning of boot?
Answer: shoe

Question 56: How many days does the moon take to complete one revolution?
Answer: 27.3 days

Question 57: What are stars?
Answer: celestial visible image

Question 58: Into which sea does the river Ganga flow?
Answer: Bay of Bengal

Question 59: Which is the highest mountain in India?
Answer: Himalaya

Question 60: What is the literal meaning of disaster?
Answer: Big trouble or crisis

Question 61: How many bones are there in our body?
Answer: 206

Question 62: How many images are there in the Indian national flag?
Answer: 3

Question 63: What kind of mango tree is it?
Answer: Fruity

Question 64: Where does the equator pass?
Answer: Greenwich, London

Question 65: When is the Indian census held?
Answer: Once in 10 years

Question 66: What were the Indian kings and emperors called?
Answer: Maharaja

Question 67: What was Akbar’s relation with history?
Answer: Founder of Mughal Empire

Question 68: What fragrance does the rose flower give?
Answer: Rose

Question 69: What is the first game of children?
Answer: Puzzle Rain

Question 70: By which instrument is wind speed measured?
Answer: Anemometer

Question 71: What type of energy does the sun contain?
Answer: nucleus

Question 72: Who is the greatest biography of India?
Answer: Thar Desert

Question 73: How far is the garbage dump from the beach?
Answer: 500 meters

Question 74: Where is Abu Simbel located?
Answer: Rajasthan, India

Question 75: Why is the tiger called a wild animal?
Answer: Neither elephant nor horse, living on its own

Question 76: In which sea are the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Answer: Bye of Bengal

Question 77: What is the main reason for our breathing?
Answer: Oxygen molecule

Question 78: What is the name of the organization related to Indian wildlife conservation?
Answer: Wildlife Protection Committee

Question 79: What is “equator” in geography?
Answer: Equator

Question 80: When is Indian Republic Day celebrated?
Answer: 26 January

Question 81: Where is the Arctic Department located?
Answer: North Pole

Question 82: What gives rise to disasters?
Answer: Natural decomposition

Question 83: Where was the first station of Indian Railways built?
Answer: Mumbai

Question 84: What is the name of the highest peak in India?
Answer: Kanchenjunga

Question 85: What is called the great picture of night?
Answer: Milky Way

Question 86: Where is the headquarters of the Indian Meteorological Research Institute?
Answer: Pune

Question 87: What is the general form of earthquake?
Answer: Richter scale

Question 88: When did the Indian Constitution come into force?
Answer: 26 January 1950

Question 89: What is called eclipse?
Answer: Disappearance of Sun and Moon

Question 90: What is the name of the Indian dance style?
Answer: Bharatanatyam

Question 91: Which seas are there in Indian geography?
Answer: Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal

Question 92: Where is the origin of river Ganga?
Answer: Gaumukh, Uttarakhand

Question 93: What was the name of the first train of Indian Railways?
Answer: Red Hill

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